Thursday, July 26, 2012

AIBEA CIRCULAR-Massive Joint Demonstrations by UFBU on 8th August, 2012 in all State Capitals:

AIBEA CIRCULAR  NO. 26/144/2012/30                                                                                 26th July, 2012

Dear Comrades,

Discussions with IBA:  
We reproduce herein the text of UFBU  Circular  No. 19  dated  25-7-2012 on the outcome of the meeting with the IBA held on 24-7-2012.  Units will note that there was no positive developments and hence we have to continue with our agitational programmes.  However, UFBU has decided to wait for about 10 days before reviving the agitational programmes and going ahead with the strike call for 22nd and 23rd August, 2012.  But our units and members should be in full preparedness for the programme.
Demonstration on 8th August, 2012: 
To protest against the Banking Laws Amendment Bill, UFBU has also given a call for massive demonstrations in all State Capitals on 8th August, 2012 i.e. on the day when the Parliament Session is commencing.  UFBU has further decided to resort to instant strike if the Bill is taken up for passage during this monsoon session.
With greetings,
Yours comradely,


UFBU’s  CIRCULAR NO. 19 Dt. 25th July, 2012 :
As informed earlier, consequent to our strike notice and the conciliation meeting held by the Dy. CLC, there was a bipartite meeting between IBA and UFBU in Mumbai on 24-7-2012.  IBA team was led by Mr. Alok Mishra,  Chairman of IBA.  Leaders of all our constituent unions were present in the discussions.
After welcoming Mr. Alok Mishra on his recent assumption as Chairman of IBA, we explained in detail all the issues and demands raised by us in the agitation and strike notice.  We pointed out that there is increasing tendency of unilateralism undermining the long established tradition of bilateralism in the banking industry.  Number of guidelines are being issued by the Government on HR matters which have been bilaterally settled in the Banks. 

We strongly expressed our protest against the undue delay in implementing the revised scheme on compassionate ground appointment and financial compensation.  We submitted that instead of resorting to adequate recruitments in the Banks through revival of BSRBs, there are attempts to outsource the regular banking jobs.  We also drew their attention to our important demands like improvements in pension scheme, regulated working hours for officers, uniform guidelines on staff housing loan, etc. 

We expressed our strong opposition to the recommendations of Khandelwal Committee Report and the overt and covert attempts to implement them unilaterally without reference to or discussions with the unions.

We also stated that while UFBU is fully committed to the success and progress of public sector banks and meeting the challenges facing the banking sector today, the reforms being proposed by the Government are not warranted and hence not acceptable.

Reacting to our submissions, Mr. Alok Mishra stated that IBA is also committed to bilateralism but is acting on the basis of the mandate received from the member Banks.  Hence it has limitations of negotiating only on those issues for which the member Banks give their mandate to IBA.  However, he said that IBA has taken serious note of our viewpoints and on issues like compassionate appointment scheme, housing loan guidelines, etc. they would pursue the matter with the Government where the issues stand referred.  Though IBA’s attitude was earnest during the discussions, they could not give positive commitment on any of the issues nor agree for time bound solution to our demands.

UFBU Meeting: 
After discussions with the IBA, the UFBU met and observed that in the absence of any favourable development or acceptable solutions to our demands, it is necessary for us continue with our agitation and strike actions which were temporarily deferred due to the intervention of the CLC and his suggestion to sort out the issues by mutual discussions.   However, having regard to the discussions held with IBA today, it was felt expedient and necessary to wait for about 10 days to look for any further positive response from the IBA on our demands and thereafter revive our programmes and go ahead with our strike action as proposed on 22nd and 23rd August, 2012.  Units are requested to prepare the membership accordingly.

BANKING REFORMS:  The meeting took note that the Monsoon Session of the Parliament would begin on 8th August, 2012 and there are informations that the Banking Laws (Amendment) Bill would be taken up for consideration and passage during this session.  All our units and members are fully aware that these wholesale amendments to Banking Regulations Act and Banking Companies (Acquisition & Transfer of Undertakings ) Act would adversely affect our public sector banks in particular and banking industry as a whole. Hence the meeting decided that we should continue and intensify our efforts against these unwarranted banking sector reforms.

 The meeting further decided the following programmes:
a) Massive Joint Demonstrations by UFBU on  8th August,  2012 in all State Capitals.
b) Readiness for instant strike as and when the Bill is taken
up in the Parliament for passage.
Comrades, while UFBU is taking all steps to find amicable solutions to our long pending, genuine and reasonable demands, it is necessary for our members to be in preparedness for any struggle that will be warranted and forced upon us by the IBA and Government.
                                     Unity is our strength.  Let us maintain it. 
                              Struggle is our weapon.  Let us be prepared for it.